Color And Feng Shui Make Your Life Better

Yellow influences behavior to be more energetic.

If you understand how to use colors, (red increases stamina, blue for calmness, etc), they become tools that accelerate your goals and happiness.

Your Life Is Affected By Your Environment

As of the date of this article, I’ve lived past my mid-40s. Through the decades, I’ve experienced many different kinds of settings, from serene and peaceful, to loud and obnoxious. Without a doubt, I’ve discovered that physical surroundings influence behavior.

Here are some obvious examples. 

To get the most out of your sleep, a dark and quiet room with warm and comfortable resting materials, like a bed, pillow, and blankets, will deliver the best results.

In contrast, should you throw a party, an open space with arranged seating, upbeat music, and an assortment of drinks and food will stimulate conversation, movement, and fun.

The article, What Is Environmental Psychology?, explains how structures, sights, and sounds play an integral part in how we conduct ourselves. It becomes clear where we are, and how the surroundings exist, can have a significant impact on our actions and well-being. 

Colors Affect Your Mood

Colors affect your mood.

The research journal, Frontiers in Psychology, posted the article, Color and Psychological Functioning. It describes how studies are finding that color affects moods. The findings suggest there are definite links between the human mind and environmental colors.

Neurofied, a management consulting and training company focused on brain activity and behavior, published The Affects Of Color On Behavior. It details how visual cues guide attention and evoke emotions. More so, through the utilization of the right colors, it’s been argued that we are vulnerable to behavioral suggestions, such as feeling good or bad toward this or that.

Colors Can Influence Actions

Marketing has long attempted to use colors, images, and sounds to coerce people into purchasing products. Extensive research has and continues to study human perception and cognition, largely with the purpose of increasing profits. 

The article, Color Psychology In Marketing And Branding Is All About Context, details how colors affect people’s actions. The study describes how a variety of colors have been found to elicit certain moods, which affect subsequent behaviors such as buying decisions. 

Brands like McDonald’s benefit from the abundant use of yellow at their restaurants. The color is associated with happiness and joy, which ties into their Happy Meal products. The company attempts to capitalize on pleasant feelings and thoughts through their color schemes.

John Deere, Whole Foods, and the Girl Scouts liberally use green in their logo and branding. The color green is generally considered earthy and rejuvenating. These organizations work to lure consumers by appealing to outdoor orientated individuals, or those who appreciate nature’s beauty.

The achromatic color black is associated with being timeless, elegant, and sophisticated. Well-known brands like Chanel or the BBC use black as the dominant color in their logos.

Colors Can Affect Performance And Results

Red is associated with fast and speed.

Understanding the influence environmental conditions can produce, colors have been shown to affect performance as well. Taken from the article, Red Outfits Give Athletes Advantage, Robert Roy Britt wrote the following.

In the study, scientists examined one-on-one sports in the 2004 Olympics in which competitors were randomly assigned red or blue outfits or protective gear. The events: boxing, tae kwon do, Greco-Roman wrestling, and freestyle wrestling.

In 16 of 21 rounds there were more red-clad winners. Looked at a different way, red prevailed in 19 of 29 weight classes. The researchers are careful to point out that the effect is probably subtle, such that red can be a deciding factor only among evenly matched competitors.

In contrast, the American Psychological Association reported a study that delivered negative results from using the color red. Some test takers were given a red participant number associated with their exam. Those with the red numbers performed 20% worse than their peers.

While Color Is Debatably Cultural, There Are Linked Connections World Wide

Colors are influential world wide.

While it’s clear that environment and color affect people in a variety of ways, it should be noted that much may be culturally based. 

The color red stimulates passion and excitement in North America and much of Western Europe, however, in other parts of the world, it carries a very different meaning. In South Africa, for example, red is associated with mourning and symbolizes struggles made toward independence. In China, red is worn on the New Year, funerals, and weddings. It’s believed to bring luck, happiness, wealth, and long life. 

What Colors Mean In Other Cultures, published by the Huffington Post, provides more information on the differences, if you’re interested.

Conversely, there was a 2020 study that surveyed over 4,500 people from 30 different countries, exploring the emotional effect of colors. The research revealed that a surprisingly large percentage of respondents are closely related as to how color is perceived, and thereby behavior affected.  

Feng Shui Is Closely Tied To Modern Color Psychology

Properly applied colors in a room.

In a previous article, I explain and provide evidence to support that Feng Shui, when used practically, improves your environment, which then affects your overall well-being. Interestingly, the data psychologists and researchers have documented concerning color, coincides with Feng Shui.

Here is a chart of colors and their most often associated moods for North America and Western Europe, including their Feng Shui counterpart.

Colors and their psychological effects.

For even more information, check out this article that explores color and the 5 Elements of Feng Shui.

Adjusting Color Schemes Can Help People Over 40

Your environment and colors.

As we all know, there are notable changes that take place after 40. It generally affects energy levels, stress, and health. Often, there is also an accumulation of personal challenges, growing fear of the future, wishing for better days, and so forth. 

The power of color to influence emotions and cognitive functions is well-established. By strategically incorporating these hues, you can foster an atmosphere that helps you rather than adding more difficulty to life. 

Here is something worth considering. 

Shades of green are associated with balance and harmony. This is an excellent choice for spaces dedicated to contemplation and decision-making. Consider incorporating green accents or elements into areas where you do a lot of thinking, such as a home office or a quiet reading nook. 

Anything you can do to better your living space, like applying proper colors, that improve your life is always a good idea.

Declutter And Color If You Want To Quickly Improve Your Life

Decluttering and proper colors are a combination for much improvement and well being.

Effectively addressing environment and color can dramatically improve your living situation. It not only will make you feel better, it can also help with achieving your goals. 

In another article, I wrote about how decluttering can make fast improvements you’ll immediately notice. Once you’ve decluttered, consider adjusting the color of certain rooms to enhance whatever your goals may be.

For example, in the bedroom, the objective is a healthy sleep. In the living room, it’s more activities and liveliness. The kitchen may be to enhance joy and happiness. Change or add colors according to your desired outcome.

However you choose to arrange your living space, if you adhere to some basic, largely proven principles, noticeable results will happen quickly. Clearing unused or discarded items and objects clears the room for more positive development. Adding the right colors will increase a productive or desired mood that makes you feel even better.

Once again, the better you feel, the more likely you’ll take actions directed toward your the kind of life you want. Combining the immediate effects of decluttering with that of color, and you’ll be well on your way.

Until the next time, cheers!

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