Feng Shui Helps You Get Better Results

Feng Shui can help you.

You can accomplish your desires faster through the application of Feng Shui. It creates favorable circumstances toward achieving greater and faster results.

The human desire for success is a phenomenon that has fueled the progress and ambitions of individuals throughout history. From the earliest civilizations to the modern world, people have been driven by an innate yearning to accomplish great feats, attain personal growth, and leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, starting a business, pursuing artistic endeavors, or making a difference in society, the pursuit of success is deeply ingrained within us. 

Everyone wants to manifest their desires and have their dreams fulfilled.

Most People Do Not Achieve What They Really Want

Losing aim of what you want.

According to the Kellogg Insight of the Kellogg School of Management At NorthWestern University, most people fail at achieving success. The study reveals that those who “fail” do not incorporate the lessons gained from significant difficulties, and as such either give up or do not appropriately use experiences to their advantage.

The pursuit of success is rarely a smooth journey.

Challenges, setbacks, and failures are inevitable companions along the way. However, it is through these that we learn, grow, and develop resilience. Embracing challenges allows us to stretch our capabilities, expand our comfort zones, and discover new strengths. Failure, far from being a roadblock, becomes a stepping stone toward success, providing invaluable lessons and insights that shape our future endeavors.

A Key To Success Is Being Able To Define It

Success begins with an idea.

While many who fail do not implement the lessons from setbacks, having a clear vision of what success looks like is crucial. It serves as a guiding light, providing focus, and enabling us to make informed decisions and take purposeful actions.

Visualization, the practice of mentally picturing oneself accomplishing the desired outcome, is a powerful tool that reinforces motivation, boosts confidence, and enhances performance. 

Defining what success means is important because it provides a clear direction and purpose in our lives. Without a personal definition of success, we may find ourselves aimlessly pursuing societal expectations or chasing arbitrary goals that do not align with our true values and desires.

Self-reflection allows us to set specific goals that tap into our authentic selves, leading to a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when we achieve them. Moreover, defining success on our own terms empowers us to prioritize what truly matters, whether it be personal growth, meaningful relationships, making a positive impact, or any other aspect that brings us genuine happiness and contentment.

Harvard Business Review posted an article reinforcing the importance of understanding what success means personally.

There Are Repeatable Methods To Obtain Success

You can hit your goals again and again.

There are several proven techniques that can help pave the path to success. While it may have different meanings for different people, here are a few universal strategies that can contribute to achieving your goals.

First, setting clear and specific goals.

By defining your goals, you create a roadmap that directs your efforts and provides a sense of purpose.

Second, cultivate a growth mindset.

Embrace challenges, view setbacks as opportunities for learning, and believe in your ability to improve and develop. Like learning any new skill, it’s not getting it right and learning from it that bring about success. 

Third, take consistent and focused action.

Develop a plan, create a schedule, and work towards your goals consistently. Successful individuals understand that success is not achieved overnight but through persistent effort and dedication.

Last, surround yourself with a supportive network and environment.

This can greatly enhance your chances of success. Practice self-discipline and maintain a positive mindset. Develop good habits, manage your time effectively, and stay motivated even during challenging times. Cultivating a positive attitude towards yourself and your goals can empower you to overcome obstacles and stay focused on your journey.

Feng Shui Creates A Helpful, Purpose-Driven Environment

Your surroundings can add to your success.

Feng Shui harmonizes individuals with their environment. It is believed to enhance success and well-being in various aspects of life.

While empirical scientific studies on Feng Shui are limited, there is evidence to suggest that certain principles of Feng Shui can positively influence psychological and physiological factors, thereby potentially increasing your chances of success.

One aspect of Feng Shui that may contribute to success is the arrangement and positioning of furniture and objects within a space. This practice aims to create a balanced and harmonious environment that promotes what art defines as positive energy flow, known as “qi.”

Scientifically, a well-designed and clutter-free space can have a positive impact on mood, productivity, and overall well-being. For instance, a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that an organized and clean workspace was associated with increased productivity and reduced stress levels among employees. (Moss, S. A., & Rubin, R. S. (2010). The organizing function of clutter on productivity: An empirical investigation. 30(1), 143-152.)

These findings align with the principles of Feng Shui, which emphasize the importance of a clean and clutter-free environment for optimal energy flow.

Furthermore, Feng Shui is centered around the use of natural elements and colors in interior design. Exposure to natural elements such as sunlight, greenery, and flowing water has been associated with positive physiological and psychological effects. Research has shown that exposure to natural light can enhance mood, cognitive function, and overall well-being. (Boubekri, M., Cheung, I. N., & Reid, K. J. (2014). Impact of windows and daylight exposure on overall health and sleep quality of office workers: a case-control pilot study. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 10(6), 603-611.)

Endurance And Feeling Good Are Extremely Important

Feeling good means you do more.

While ambition, talent, and hard work play a vital role in our journey to success, there are two crucial but often overlooked factors that act as the bedrock of achievement: endurance and feeling good. 

Endurance, both mental and physical, is the unwavering ability to persist and overcome challenges and setbacks on our path to success.

Success rarely comes overnight; instead, it demands consistency and perseverance. Whether we’re striving for personal growth, career advancement, or entrepreneurial success, the road will be laden with obstacles. Endurance provides the strength to stay focused on our goals, even when the journey becomes tough. Without it, we may succumb to discouragement, leading to the abandonment of our dreams.

Feeling good lays the groundwork for a successful mindset and fosters a proactive approach to problem-solving.

When we feel good, we are more confident, creative, and open to opportunities. A positive state of mind enhances our ability to bounce back from setbacks. Additionally, feeling good helps in building better relationships with others.

Here Are A Few Ways To Apply Feng Shui To Increase Your Success

While it’s true that Feng Shui can be a very precise and personal art, at its core, the following are some excellent applications that will provide near-immediate results under nearly any circumstance.

Clutter-Free Environment 

Clutter free environment.

Clear away any unnecessary clutter from your workspace. Clutter can create distractions and hinder concentration. Keep your desk clean and organized, and only keep essential items within reach. Use storage solutions like boxes or trays to keep things tidy.

Check out a previous article I wrote to learn more about clutter and how can badly affect you.

Desk Placement

Furniture arrangement matters.

Position your desk in the “commanding position.” This means placing it diagonally across from the door, but not directly in line with it. This allows you to have a clear view of the room and the entrance, creating a sense of security and control.

Natural Lighting

Proper amounts of non-non-flurescent lighting.

Maximize natural light in your workspace as much as possible. Natural light has a positive impact on focus and productivity. Position your desk near a window or use light-colored curtains or blinds that allow light to enter the room while still providing privacy.

Noise Control 

Reduce the noise to a minimum.

Minimize external distractions by reducing noise in your workspace.

Consider using sound-absorbing materials like rugs or curtains to dampen external sounds. If necessary, use a white noise machine or play soft instrumental music to create a calm and focused atmosphere.

There are many additional attributes and elements to effective Feng Shui, however, the above is a great, and efficient way to get quick results. In fact, it may be all you end up needing. The objective isn’t so much to adhere to Feng Shui metaphysics or spiritual practices (unless you choose to, of course), but to obtain functional results you can immediately benefit from.

If You Want Anything, It Often Comes At A Price

The cost of anything.

In all my 40-plus years, I have never received or obtained anything without the exchange, loss, or payment of something else. 

What I mean is, when I wanted health, I had to stop eating fast food. When I wanted to have a romantic experience, I had to become attractive. When I wanted greater financial abundance, I had to be willing to adjust my spending and increase my earnings.

Whatever it is you wish to do or have, I’ve come to find there is some sort of price to be paid. It may not be in the monetary sense, but there seems to always be a “give and take”. In my experience, I’ve observed that too many people do not keep this in mind when trying to achieve anything. 

Paying the price, or making changes to our lifestyles, forming new habits, and doing so consistently can be uncomfortable. It can be downright difficult. However, research has shown that “discomfort” significantly helps people achieve success. UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine posted a study that demonstrated how discomfort can help you grow.

Forbes published the article, Why Feeling Uncomfortable Is The Key To Success, which explains how discomfort goes a long way to our benefit.

The promise of accomplishment and potential satisfaction that comes from completing a goal can be its own motivator. However, having a better understanding of what it means to get through the journey is what makes or breaks it.

Feng Shui Is Especially Helpful For Those Over 40

The benefit of experience and age.

Creating a conducive environment through the principles of Feng Shui and insights from Environmental Psychology can significantly benefit those over the age of 40. This helps to create a balanced and positive atmosphere that fosters clarity of thought and a sense of purpose. 

Research in the field of Environmental Psychology suggests that the design and arrangement of spaces can influence mood, cognitive function, and overall psychological well-being. For individuals over 40 who often have well-defined goals and priorities, an environment that supports concentration, inspiration, and tranquility can enhance their ability to focus and work toward their objectives.

Most people over 40 have tremendous experience and accumulated wisdom. Through the proper environment combined with the desire to accomplish something, the combination allows that wisdom to be put to use with little resistance. 

This often leads to getting results far more quickly.

Desire Is Your Determination, Discomfort Your Friend, and Feng Shui Your Ally 

Working together to create a whole.

Understanding what you want and defining the meaning of success provides a clear direction and purpose in life.

Feeling good is important and creates a positive mindset that enhances creativity, resilience, and the ability to build meaningful relationships. Endurance allows perseverance through difficulties and strengthens focus.

While the journey to success may be filled with challenges and setbacks, embracing these as learning opportunities help to achieve true success.

The principles of Feng Shui may vary, however, implementing some basic practices can lead to immediate results. The objective is not necessarily to adhere strictly to metaphysical or spiritual practices, but rather to obtain tangible results.

Until the next time, cheers!

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