How These 7 Facts Make Your 40th Better

Those over 40 have significant advantages in certain areas.

Turning 40 can be the best. At that age, there are 7 advantages men and women will have, from greater intelligence to better love making, especially for women. 

By 40, most of us have experienced various life challenges and successes, which contribute to a clearer understanding of overall life.

Research has found there are 7 primary advantages that either many over 40 are not aware of, or rarely discussed among social circles.

1. You Become More Intelligent

Research suggests that intelligence can continue to evolve positively well into one’s 40s and beyond. A more developed sense of self-awareness and a refined ability to manage emotions contribute to improved decision-making and critical thinking.

Neuroplasticity, the brain’s capacity to reorganize and form new connections, remains active, leveraging familiar patterns, thus allowing you to adapt and learn from new challenges. 

2. It’s Easier To Start Your Own Company

Many individuals bring a wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and often a notable professional network to the table.

Having spent years in the workforce, most have had the opportunity to develop valuable skills, learn from successes and failures, and cultivate a deep understanding of market trends.

Those over 40 generally have a clearer sense of their own strengths and weaknesses. This makes it much easier to make informed decisions and increases the likelihood of success, according to an MIT study.

3. Your Relationships Are More Meaningful

Shortly after turning 40, many will have a clearer sense of who they are and what they really want.

This self-assuredness often leads to more meaningful romantic relationships and friendships.

With the natural passage of time, a greater level of empathy and patience are more readily available, as is an ease in communicating desires and needs. Most of the pressures and insecurities of youth fade, allowing a far more authentic connection and genuine appreciation for one another.

Psychology Today published an excellent article about dating after 40.

4. Your Confidence Is Greater

The journey through the first few decades is filled with trials, triumphs, and self-discovery. By the time a person turns 40, they have amassed a wealth of experiences that contribute to a heightened sense of sureness.

The uncertainties that may have plagued us in earlier years have given way to a sense of stability and a belief in the ability to handle whatever challenges lie ahead.

WebMD published an article where one of the surprising attributes of aging is that confidence soars.

5. Bad News Doesn’t Affect You As Much

After turning 40, the perspective of life becomes much broader.

Having weathered various challenges and setbacks, a reservoir of coping mechanisms and a more tempered emotional response usually takes over.

An unspoken understanding that many, if not most negative events, are temporary.

Studies have shown that as we age, we become better at not allowing bad news to adversely affect us.

6. You Are More Likely To Make Lasting Changes

Becoming older instills this heightened awareness that life is finite.

As such, once a heart-felt decision is made, it tends to stick.

With a more seasoned perspective, people over 40 are often better equipped to set realistic goals and see change as a positive force.

Additionally, the accumulated wisdom garnered from past successes and setbacks provides a solid foundation for making intelligent decisions, rather than emotionally fleeting ones.

In other words, the ability to focus has been found to be the greatest in your 40s, as per a study referenced in the Business Insider.

7. Love Making Is Better, Especially For Women

Making love after the age of 40 often brings an enriching dimension to life, particularly for women.

With maturity comes a deeper understanding of oneself, both emotionally and physically. This brings a stronger connection with a partner.

Women in their 40s often possess strong self-confidence and body acceptance, allowing them to embrace desires and communicate more openly.

This deeper understanding enhances the overall quality of lovemaking, making it far more intimate.

An article in Psychology Today wonderfully explores the subject for your further reading.

Feng Shui Can Enhance These 7 Advantages

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice focused on harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment, can significantly enhance the seven advantages of turning 40.

Environmental Psychology explores the interplay between individuals and their physical surroundings. This science has largely reinforced the functional benefits of Feng Shui. The study has found that well-designed spaces can positively influence mental and emotional well-being. By incorporating Feng Shui into a living or working space, you can create environments that support and amplify your intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, relationships, confidence, resilience, propensity for positive change, and intimate partnerships.

For example, by arranging furniture to allow free movement and using colors that stimulate the mind, you can foster a setting conducive to continuous learning and cognitive growth, which maintains neuroplasticity.

Starting a company becomes more feasible when your environment is tailored to support productivity and creativity. Strategic placement of elements that symbolize success and growth can inspire confidence and facilitate decision-making, thereby aiding entrepreneurial endeavors.

In terms of relationships, arranging living spaces to promote social interaction, using warm and inviting colors, and incorporating elements that represent love and partnership can enhance empathy, communication, and understanding in relationships.

There are a myriad of ways that Feng Shui can create harmonious environments that not only support but also enhance the7 advantages of turning 40.

Check out another article I wrote about how Feng Shui can make your life so much better.

Until the next time, cheers!

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